For over fifty years we have been offering, in Italy and in the world, innovative services to companies and institutions involved in agriculture, in agri-food supply, in environmental and land management.

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Who we are

The main keys to our success have always been quality of services and products, technical competence and good relations with customers.


Agriconsulting was founded in 1966 offering consulting services to farms and public administrations. Afterwards these solutions were joined by the implementation of multidisciplinary projects for farm , land and environmental management, offered to national and international subjects. Recently we focused also in Software development of integrated systems, maintaining our open mind approach.


In order to better respond to the needs of our clients, we are organized by areas of expertise and territorial coverage. The specific skills of the various companies of the Group are put in common to offer services in line with the high level of quality we provide.
The geographic subdivision allows us to guarantee an adequate presence and support to customers, as well as the knowledge of its territorial and cultural specificities.


Following our international vocation today we are active in over 100 countries. In almost 20 countries we are present with subsidiaries or joint-ventures. This has been an important growth factor, which has led us to deliver successfully hundreds of projects in the world for the sustainable development of agriculture, land and the environment.


They range from medium scale farms to large international organizations; we offer them effective and well-timed solutions and services, carried out with the utmost care and skill.

To Public Administrations, (nationwide or regional) and to their agencies, we offer services in:

  • Institutional advice
  • Technical assistance
  • Plans and Programs Evaluation
  • Operational support
  • Territorial and environmental management
  • Territorial and environmental monitoring
  • Process Automation
  • Design and implementation of management information systems
  • Farms and premises checking and auditing

To individual and associated farmers, to agricultural organizations, to food and agroindustrial industries, to credit institutes, to real estate and equity investment funds, we offer services of:

  • Business consultancy and management
  • Agronomic optimization
  • Administrative and fiscal advice
  • Funds Advisory
  • M & A assistance
  • Business development: design and implementation
  • Life cycle monitoring of agricultural products: design and implementation
  • Web sites and portals: design, implementation and administration
  • Real estate: Evaluation and sales promotion
  • Agricultural and agro-industrial assets: Evaluation and sales promotion

To major international organizations and institutions involved in the promotion of cooperation and development projects all over the world, we offer services of:

  • Institutional strengthening:  consulting & support activities
  • Economic and Social Development Plans: design, implementation and administration
  • Web Sites and Information Systems: design, implementation and administration
> 40 M€
Global Revenue
> 300
No. of projects completed
> 100
Countries in which we have operated


A multidisciplinary approach is a characterizing element of our activities - allows us to offer an integrated and coherent set of solutions and services, able to meet all our customers needs.

Services for Farmers and Companies

Farm management and innovative solutions for farmers and Agribusiness.

Institutional Support

Consultancy services for Public administration; management or result evaluation for development programs and projects.

Land and Environment

GIS systems and database design. Land & Environmental monitoring and planning.

Farms and premises Checking and Auditing

Planning and execution of inspections and controls using specific SW application and skilled team. The Department is classified as Inspection Entity type C (ISO 17020:12), accredited by Accredia.

Computer Technology

Design, implementation and administration of management information systems. Administrative Processes & Flows Automation. Portals and websites.

Real Estate

Farms and buildings Evaluation. Sales promotion.

Sustainable Development

Consulting and projects for the economic development and social sustainability of non-EU countries.

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